Applied Information Technology

Civic Innovation
GMI's Center for Civic Innovation, March, 2004

Of, By and For… Realizing the Catalytic Potential of Community-Centered Indicators, November, 2003

Community Based Environmental Protection
Developing Environmental Assessments and Comparing Risks: A Guide to Implementing Local Environmental Action Programmes in Central and Eastern Europe, Part One, Part Two, September, 2002.

Healthy Communities:Beyond Civic Virtue, printed in National Civic Review, Vol. 90, No.4, 2001.

Results Management
Environmental Results Management Systems: Moving From Planning to Action by Measuring What Counts, August, 2000.

New England Goals and Indicators Partnership (NEGIP), Summary Report on the Assessment of Core Performance Measures and Regional Indicator Development, March 1999.

New England Goals and Indicators Partnership (NEGIP), Indicator Data Catalog, An Evaluation of Data Issues Related to the Development of Core Performance Measures and Regional Environmental Indicators, January, 1999. Full Report (PDF), by section (PDF): Intro, Air, Ecology, Waste, Water, Appendices.

A Status of Tools and Support for Decentralized Wastewater Solutions, April, 2003

The Role of Local Watershed Groups in TMDL Development, February, 2003

Toward A "Small but Powerful" Set of Regional Salmon Habitat Indicators for the Pacific Northwest
, February, 1998.

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